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Purple loosestrife is a beautiful flower, but a very aggressive
invader, hardy perennial, which will rapidly degrade wetlands
and the habitat where fish and wildlife feed. It has been
identified by the Michigan DNR as a plant to be eradicated
when found.  The plant has tall purple spike stems with
multiple purple flowers from which the seeds spread by wind
and birds.  It has been on Blue Lake shores on previous
occasions, and terminated by our Lake Committee members
and lake property owners.  It has returned to Blue Lake in
small quantities at a few shoreline locations. It needs to be
eradicated before it becomes a problem.  The Lake
Committee has identified these locations, and will help those
property owners take action to eradicate the plant before it
becomes a problem.  Property owners, please check your lot
to see if you have any Purple Loosestrife plants.  If you do,
immediately remove the flower stems and destroy them so the
seeds don’t spread, then spray the plants with “Roundup”
vegetation killer. Thank you for your effort.
Tests were taken in May and August 2008 (Posted 1/21/2009):

2008 Overall Lake Quality Test scores reflect very good lake conditions
with an average score of 98 in May, and 97 in August, on a scale of 1 to 100.

Bottom Sediment tests taken at three locations reflect an overall good quality.
Location #1 in area of Lots 3&4 sediment was 85% mineral
Location #2 in middle of lake sediment was 87% mineral
Location #3 in area of Lots 3&4 sediment was 96% mineral

Test results indicate that no change in amount of organic material in
sediments in 10 year history.  There is a need, however, to limit nitrogen
and phosphorus, both of which are ingredients in lawn fertilizer and in
commonly used detergents.

Water Clarity tests
Location #1, 19 feet
Location #2, 19 feet
Location #3, 19 feet

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Older News:

Lake Committee November 2008 Notes (PDF Printable Page)
Purple Loosestrife, an invasive plant again on Blue Lake shorelines.
(Posted 9/5/2010)
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